Avalon Crypto City

There is always a time in life for everything. It is as bad to start a business late, as it is to do it too early. Hundreds of companies have been late for a specific trend, technology or movement, and also hundreds have been too early for it, and all have had the same faith; they have failed.It is hard to recognize a perfect idea at the perfect time. Pioneers in any business spend millions of dollars in R & D, only to be crush by a later company.

In this case the Crypto currency wave its at the perfect time, it’s mature enough to understand that it is definitely the future of payments and currencies, but early enough to get the amazing benefits of coming out at the right time. It already has millions of followers and companies that understand the pros and cons of all the different currencies, finding out that something else was needed. Something that would make a crypto currency perfect, something that would make the crypto currency explode and disrupt the world at the same time.

Our Location

Avalon Nation Crypto City is located in the area called the Golden Mile. The most exclusive area in the country, in the North Pacific side of Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste.

Why Costa Rica?

The Republic of Costa Rica, located in Central America, is known as the Switzerland of Latin America. It has a stable government. Its lack of an army and its premium world class economy makes it one of the hottest tourism places in the world.

This is why more than 20,000 U.S. expatriates already live in Costa Rica, enjoying one of the highest standards of living in Central America.

Phases and Sections

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
Avalon Nation Crypto Estate: Ultra premium Eco Estates: 1,500 Eco- estates of 5,000m2 ( ½ Hectare ) 50 m front x 100 m deepAll service available (water,Electricity, internet and internal roads)All around Avalon-Nation Downtown and ultra luxury amenity (12 ha. Crystal lagoon)Designed only for Founder Citizens of Avalon-Nation Crypto City
Avalon Nation Eco Bungalows:Located at the entrance of the city20 Gated Communities of 15 units each, around a pool and a clubhouse. Each one includes a parking space.Will work as a condo hotel to receive fly and buys and the owners of the 1500 Avalon-Nation Crypto Estates. Consesion and Fractional ownership also availableBungalows StylesCrypto AOur basic unit of 36 sqm includes open area with bedroom, kitchenette, living area and a full bathroom. This area includes a 16 sqm rooftop with wood deck and a cover shaded area.Crypto B unit of 64 sqm includes two divided bedrooms, full kitchen, living area and a full bathroom. This area includes 32 sqm of rooftop with wood deck and a cover shaded area.Crypto C unit of 64 sqm includes two divided bedrooms, one on each side, full kitchen, living area and a full bathroom. This area includes 32 sqm of roof top with wood deck and a cover shaded area.
Avalon Nation Hidden Ocean:25 Ultra luxury-exclusive EstatesLocated around a 3 ha. Crystal lagoonWhite sand BeachPrivate Crystal Club HouseWater bungalowGated Community
Avalon Nation Downtown:Located around a 12 ha. Crystal lagoonIncludes more than 36,000 units in 900 buildings of 5 storiesOffice space and work and life unitsCollege (Steam System: Science, Technology, engendering and math) Hotel PadBars, restaurants, and shopsWhite sand BeachCrystal Club House